This Website, its services and contents are provided for your use by OysterRock Capital LLP (hereinafter referred to as “Oyster Rock Capital”). This website is intended only for the personal use of the prospective investors/contributors (herein after referred as the Clients) to whom it is addressed or delivered and must not be reproduced or redistributed in any form to any other person without prior written consent of OysterRock Capital.

OysterRock Capital retains all the rights in relation to all information contained in the website and to update the same periodically or otherwise from time to time. The website is neither a general offer nor solicitation to avail the service of investment from the SEBI Registered Intermediary under the services offered by OysterRock Capital/Fund nor is it an offer to sell or a generally solicit an offer to become an investor in the services offered by the OysterRock Capital/Fund. The same may not be used to conclude any commercial transactions (including investments, redemptions, etc.), since the same may include technical inaccuracies and be subject to reconciliations. The contents of this website are provisional and may be subject to change. OysterRock Capital reserves the right (but is not required) to correct any errors or omissions on the Site. In the preparation of the material contained in this website OysterRock Capital has used information that is publicly available, certain research reports including information developed in-house. OysterRock Capital warrants that the contents of this website are true to the best of its knowledge, however, assume no liability for the relevance, accuracy or completeness of the contents herein.

The reports & other data provided on this website are solely for information purposes only. The information contained in the analysis shall been obtained from various sources and reasonable care would be taken to ensure sources of data to be accurate and reliable. OysterRock Capital will not be responsible for any error or omission in the data or for any losses suffered on account of information contained in the analysis. While the OysterRock Capital will take due care to ensure that all information provided is accurate however the OysterRock Capital neither guarantees/warrants the sequence, accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the report. Neither the OysterRock Capital nor its affiliates or their partners, directors, employees, agents, or representatives, shall be responsible or liable in any manner, directly or indirectly, for views or opinions expressed in this analysis or the contents or any systemic errors or discrepancies or for any decisions or actions taken in reliance on the analysis. OysterRock Capital does not take any responsibility for any clerical, computational, systemic, or other errors in comparison analysis. Any decision or action taken by the recipient/visitor of this website based on this information shall be solely and entirely at the risk of the recipient/visitor of the website.

The distribution of this information in some jurisdictions may be restricted and/or prohibited by law, and persons into whose possession this information comes should inform themselves about such restriction and/or prohibition and observe any such restrictions and/or prohibition. Neither the OysterRock Capital nor its affiliates, directors, partners, employees, agents, or representatives, shall be responsible or liable in any manner, directly or indirectly, for the contents or any errors or discrepancies herein or for any decisions or actions taken in reliance on the information. The person accessing this information specifically agrees to exempt/absolve the OysterRock Capital or any of its affiliates or employees from, any and all responsibility/liability arising from such misuse/improper/ illegal use and agrees not to hold the OysterRock Capital or any of its affiliates or employees responsible for any such misuse/improper/illegal use and further agrees to hold the OysterRock Capital or any of its affiliates or employees free and harmless from all losses, costs, damages, expenses that may be suffered by the person accessing this information due to any errors and delays.

OysterRock Capital (including its affiliates) and any of its Partners, officers, employees, and other personnel will not accept any liability, loss, damage of any nature, including but not limited to direct, indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, consequential, as also any loss of profit in any way arising from the use of this website or any information in any manner whatsoever. The contents of this website cannot be copied, reproduced, in whole or in part or otherwise distributed without prior written approval of the OysterRock Capital. Hyperlinks to other websites made available here are to be accessed at the sole risk of the user; the content, accuracy, opinions expressed, and other links provided by these resources are not investigated, verified, monitored, or endorsed by OysterRock Capital.

Prospective investors/clients are advised to review this website/email/document, the Private Placement Memorandum/Disclosure Document, the Contribution Agreement/Client Agreement, representations and presentation(s) and other related documents carefully and in its entirety and seek clarification wherever required from the SEBI Registered Intermediary/OysterRock Capital. Prospective investors should make an independent assessment, and consult their own counsel, business advisor and tax advisor as to legal, business and tax related matters concerning this document and the other related documents before investing with /though the OysterRock Capital/in the Fund.

The information contained in this website has been prepared for general guidance and does not constitute a professional advice/assurance and no person should act upon any information contained herein without obtaining specific professional advice/Assurance. Neither the OysterRock Capital nor its Affiliates or advisors would be held responsible for any reliance placed on the content of this document or for any decision based on it. Each existing/prospective client, by accepting delivery of this document agrees to the foregoing. The Investment portfolio are subject to several risk factors including but not limited to political, legal, social, economic, and overall market risks. The recipient alone shall be fully responsible/are liable for any decision taken on the basis of this document. OysterRock Capital makes no guarantee as to availability, quality or service levels of the website on a 24x7 basis, or promise uninterrupted access to the website. Disruption of the website may arise due to technical or operational difficulties, and no prior notice of downtime will be given to the users in such circumstance.

OysterRock Capital operates from within India and is subject to Indian laws and any dispute shall be resolved in the courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra only.

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