Our Story


OysterRock Capital is the culmination of a journey that started in the late 1980’s when the founder started dabbling in stocks in his teenage years. What started as an innocuous hobby, turned into a lifetime of passion, reaching a defining moment after incurring losses in the mid-90s.

As the Indian press began to talk about value investing, the founder was introduced to the idea, and he realized the importance of building a knowledge repository. This, combined with practical investing experience, helped him hone his understanding of businesses. In 2003, the founder began to practice the craft of investing professionally after having joined ASK Raymond James Investment Management. That is where the seeds of OysterRock Capital were sown.

Oyster Rock island, off the coast of Mumbai Harbour (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oyster_Rock), is visible from the Gateway of India and houses a fort which currently serves as a base for the Indian Navy. The founding team is from Mumbai and wanted the name to signify its roots. Oyster Rock - being a fort - also signifies the key virtue of strength and being an island signifies adventure and discovery.

This in a way represents the investment philosophy that OysterRock Capital will pursue. The fund is focused on identifying and investing in mid-sized businesses that are listed in the Indian public markets. The name ‘Oyster’ connotes with the discovery layer of finding pearls - some of these mid-sized businesses would become large successful enterprises in future.

The logo outlines the Indian tiger, highlighting our focus on the market we operate in. The font is Gothic and all communication is in Franklin Gothic font honouring the great Ben Franklin who remains one of our heroes and inspiration.

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